Certified Software Development Professional

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Candidates who complete this certification will be considered to be those rare professionals who are able to conduct software analysis, design, develop, test, debug, implement and maintain various software applications. It is a career-oriented training certification which comprises of multiple technological stacks as a combined package which is necessary for building and implementing various systems! They will have a strong foundation in their IT career and thus can move to any software technology in future without much difficulties.

Course Contents

Theory and Practical

  • Algorithm and Flowchart
  • Common Data structures
  • Introduction to Full Stack development
  • High-level Architecture
  • Client-side Programming
  • Overview on HTML
  • Overview on CSS
  • Overview on JavaScript/jQuery
  • Editors and IDEs
  • Bootstrap – Front-end framework
  • Server-side Programming
  • Back-End Technology – PHP
  • Use of CodeIgniter framework
  • RDBMS concepts, ER diagram
  • Working with database
  • Error handling 
  • Back-End Technology – Core Java and Advanced Java
  • Spring Framework – Spring Boot and its application
  • Third-party API integrations
  • Contacting User Through Emails

Other Concepts and Projects

  • OOPs – Object Oriented Programming
  • Basics of HTTP and REST
  • Session handling – cookies
  • Logging and its levels
  • Code Debugging (in IDE and Browser)
  • Code Repository and Version Control – Git
  • Web Application deployment and hosting
  • Deployment and Various Environments – DevOps
  • Load Balancer
  • Proxy vs Reverse proxy
  • NoSQL database
  • In-memory database
  • Data masking, encryption, hashing
  • Object Relational Mapper (ORM)
  • Testing and its types
  • Unix/Linux – Commands, Shell scripting and Server
  • Project Management and SDLC Models
  • Security awareness
  • Working on web based project
  • Working on desktop based project