Certified Software and Programming Trainer

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In 10 years time, 90% of the jobs will require Digital Skills. As the demand for digitally skilled personals increase so does the demand for digital trainers. Candidates who complete this certification program will have a good understanding of a wide range of software programs and applications that are generic, company/industry oriented. They will be able to impart their knowledge to their students in a simple way so that they are able to retain the knowledge, and their students develop a problem-solving attitude and curiosity in software and programming, thus become the digital champions of the future. But before they can start training, and so as to build a strong rapport among students, software trainers need to become certified themselves.

Course Contents

Introduction to Computers and Coding

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Operating System – Windows & Linux
  • Computer Network
  • MS-Office tools
  • Google tools – Forms, Drive, etc
  • Overview of Digital Marketing and its types
  • Cyber Security Tips & Techniques
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Algorithm and Flowchart
  • Common Data structures
  • Database and its types: RDBMS & NoSQL
  • Basic coding concepts using different high level languages
  • OOPs – Object Oriented Programming

Entering the World of Programming

  • Programming using Core Java and Advanced Java
  • Introduction to Full Stack development
  • High-level Architecture
  • Client-side Programming
  • Overview on HTML
  • Overview on CSS
  • Overview on JavaScript/jQuery
  • Editors and IDEs
  • Bootstrap – Front-end framework
  • Server-side Programming
  • Spring Framework – Spring Boot and its application
  • Other Full Stack Concepts
  • Introduction to Project Management and SDLC Models