Certified Full Stack Developer

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This is neither just one course, nor it is a mix of two courses, i.e. front-end and back-end, as is the misconception all around us. But it is a career-oriented training certification which comprises of multiple technological stacks which is necessary for the completion and implementation of a system as a whole! Candidates who complete this training will be considered to have vast foundation for their IT Career and a great promise for their journey as a Full Stack Developer. In this program the candidate has to choose the backend technology which he/she wants to pursue to an advanced level.

Course Contents

Theory and Practical

  • Introduction to Full Stack development
  • High-level Architecture
  • Client-side Programming
  • Overview on HTML
  • Overview on CSS
  • Overview on JavaScript/jQuery
  • Editors and IDEs
  • Bootstrap – Front-end framework
  • Server-side Programming
  • Back-End Technology – as selected
  • Use of Back-End framework
  • RDBMS concepts, ER diagram
  • Working with database
  • Error handling
  • Third-party API integrations
  • Contacting User Through Emails
  • Working on Real Life Project

Other Concepts

  • Basics of HTTP and REST
  • Session handling – cookies
  • Logging and its levels
  • Code Debugging (in IDE and Browser)
  • Code Repository and Version Control – Git
  • Web Application deployment and hosting
  • Deployment and Various Environments – DevOps
  • Load Balancer
  • Proxy vs Reverse proxy
  • NoSQL database
  • In-memory database
  • Data masking, encryption, hashing
  • Object Relational Mapper (ORM)
  • Testing and its types
  • Unix/Linux – Commands, Shell scripting and Server
  • Project Management and SDLC Models
  • Security awareness